Hotel Security Releases Raucous New Single “Forget It”

hotel security band

Brace yourself for Hotel Security’s hard hitting new rocker, “Forget It,” released recently on all major streaming services. An adrenaline-charged metal-inspired anthem, the band’s new single explores throwing the past to the wayside and embracing the unknown. Find a link to the song at hotelsecurityband.com

In the tradition of Hotel Security’s debut self-titled 2021 album, “Forget It” delivers a high-energy aural assault that features edgy guitar, dramatic vocal and aggressive rhythm. Lyrics tackle the universal wish for a fresh start but caution about the consequences with a humorous twist. “I wanted to show the appeal of a radical future-forward attitude, but also the dangers,” says lead vocal and keyboardist Matt Geline. “So yeah, I was definitely having fun with the concept.” Adds lead guitar Austin Rowey: “This song continues our effort to give our audience music that they enjoy, but also something that we hope connects with their lives.”

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