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For most companies in today’s fast-paced global economy, delivering focused, targeted key messages to important audiences such as customers, investors, analysts, strategic partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders is crucial to meet business and communications goals. But it’s a job that is often easier said than done.

144 Media LLC is a marketing communications and public relations boutique dedicated to helping organizations and individuals deliver focused targeted messaging in a variety of formats to break through the noise. We are a network of seasoned professionals that provide customized deliverables to meet our clients’ goals.

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Howard Schultz: Can His Message Win the Middle?

by Robert J. Geline
President, 144 Media LLC
Feb 2019 –

I like Starbucks coffee. We buy it by the bag (Espresso), ground for a paper filter, and brew it at home. I don’t like standing in line in a Starbucks store, and I really don’t like the prices. So it was with mixed feelings recently that I watched former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz roll out his exploratory third party presidential bid…. Read More »