Better brand awareness, enhanced reputation through customized marketing, corporate communications & public relations strategies, content & consultation.

For most companies in today’s fast-paced global economy, delivering focused, targeted key messages to important audiences such as customers, investors, analysts, strategic partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders is crucial to meet business and communications goals. But it’s a job that is often easier said than done.

144 Media LLC is a marketing communications and public relations boutique dedicated to helping organizations and individuals deliver focused targeted messaging in a variety of formats to break through the noise. We are a network of seasoned professionals that provide customized deliverables to meet our clients’ goals.

What 144 Media Delivers

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“A guy goes into a bar . . . “

by Robert J. Geline
President, 144 Media LLC

May 2017 – When is the right time to use humor in a presentation?
How much funny stuff is too much? What kind of stories are o.k.? Questions like these come up frequently in workshops, and I have heard a variety of opinions on the answer. My view is that  Read More »